The Why

Timber construction is an art to modify a piece of wood into extraordinary masterpieces in different settings, and we are artists at Evermine. From building excellent quality timber constructions to providing the most refined artistry, we are your ultimate destination for the unparalleled client experience.

Who We Are

Evermine is a local timber construction service provider who takes pride in serving clients with excellent workmanship and attention to detail. We use superior quality timber from controlled and sustainable forests to produce European-style timber construction to deliver the ultimate customer delight.

What We Offer

At Evermine, we are professional craftsmen with over 12 years of extensive, hands-on experience building Modular Timber Frame Homes and Wood Construction. Our skilled and experienced team of carpenters will create unique homes, decks, pergolas, stairs, floors, cladding, roofs, and many more.  

Modular Timber Homes

Amid the breathtaking landscape, your luxury modular timber home will become the perfect reflection of your location and unique personal style. We have earned a reputation for creating the top-notch, most distinctive style homes for valued homeowners. We combine extraordinary design with timber construction to build a modern architectural masterpiece.

Roof Construction

It’s time to enjoy the beauty of custom-made elegant, exquisite, robust, and timeless timber roofs. We offer comprehensive roofing solutions that include designing masterpieces, manufacturing, and classic construction, true to beauty roofs. Let us help you reflect your unique taste with a touch of refined finish!

Timber Construction

Uplift the dull look of a deck, give a luxury touch to a balcony, and enhance your backyard with stylish and highly versatile timber decking. From pergolas to carports, cladding, garages, facades, and much more, when it comes to luxury outdoor lifestyle, there is only one name— Evermine.  Timber is environmentally friendly, warm and stylish; it creates a comfortable ambiance for external space.