Meet the Team:

Evermine is the brainchild of founder Ben Guntensperger, who has a profound passion for Modular Timber houses, craftsmanship, and construction. He believes in the incredible strength and stability of timber and thus came up with the idea of establishing a Timber construction business. With 12 years experience in the industry, his knowledge in timber construction is exceptional, having worked on projects like “The Arch for the Arch & The Woodbridge Island Bridge”

We at Evermine believe in delivering the ultimate customer satisfaction, and that cannot be done without providing quality. At Evermine, there is no compromise on quality, and we follow strict guidelines to provide our clients with the best service and best products every time.

We use the best timber from across Europe to provide the best timber construction experience. Most of the wood we have is from sustainable forests of Europe. We also import Siberian Larch to fulfil the personalization requests of our clients.

· Your Satisfaction Is Our Success:
A happy customer is what we aim for, so we get into deep discussion with our clients from the beginning of the project regarding their requirements and deliver accordingly.
From raw material to designing and the final product, we tend to involve our esteemed clients in each step of the whole process to customize their project. We will not be satisfied until you are happy with the services.

· Excellent Customer Care Services:
With a team of highly professional and dedicated craftsmen, we offer you utter delight and unparalleled service. Our staff takes pride in serving each client with equal care and passion.

· Reliable Service:
We are a team of professional craftsmen who have established this company with all the required resources in hand. Our suppliers are highly reliable and efficient thus we are never late on projects. In addition, we have with us a reliable supply chain network that lets us meet our deadlines every single time.